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Media and Events

The Vest Practice Knit Vest Atelier

About TVP

Media, Press, Events


We welcome media inquiries regarding any of the following areas:

  •     Interviews with Founder & Designer Nicola Bullock
  • Providing high resolution images for publications
  • Awarding vests as competition prizes when our criteria is met
  • Tips on styling vests for fashion supplements
  • Story angles from borrowed from the boys styling,
    to locally-made production in New Zealand
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About The Vest Practice

Explorers and risk takers by nature, our journey begins 10 years ago, selling our ad agency, leaving New Zealand for the Middle East.
Introducing our son to life as a global citizen in Qatar. Time spent at Souq Waqif, finding new cultural treasures; OUD, spices, dates and travel to Oman and Istanbul. The time is enriching and challenging.
It emboldens the next leap of faith.


Proximity to Europe affords research into HERITAGE textiles. London and Milan cement our OBSESSION for suiting, Savile Row and Italian Sprezzatura – the art of effortless, dressing. A design aesthetic germinates. We take time to craft a unique approach that prioritizes women’s empowerment though our hero piece
~ the knit vest for women ~.

New Zealand - Fresh Eyes

Listening to our hearts and following them. We are back in the world’s first country to grant women the right to vote. Sheep abound, less so boutique woollen manufacture – finally it lines up. 14 months of ASSIDUOUS attention to detail. A shared vision with yarn producer and knitwear company. High standards demand the utmost in best practice.
Our brand name is born.

We leap.

The Quiet Ones

Speaking through our products, we channel our vision and what we stand for into our designs. The way our garments fit the body, the feel of cashmere, how a pattern’s heritage speaks to you – our vision is realized by the sum of these parts…. feeling encased and protected yet risk taking and adventurous.

Be The Lion.

Nicola and John

The Vest Practice

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