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Inside our Knit Vest and Brogue shop Wellington

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The Vest Practice is in the Dominion Observatory,  top of the Cable Car, Kelburn, Wellington.
Visitors have exclusive access to the heritage site which is otherwise closed to the public.

Let us tempt you with luxury knitwear, NZ made fashion,  exclusive service,  and additionally delectable  gourmet products. And so enjoy an irresistibly unique experience.

Tel: (int) . 0064 27 526 2894
Tel: (loc)   027 526 2894

Shop Hours:  Tuesday-Sunday 10 am -4pm.
New Zealand Standard Time (NZST).

Location: 34 Salamanca Road, Kelburn, Wellington 6012.
See walking and driving instructions below. 

How to reach the store

Walking from the city?

Take the Cable Car to the top. We are 2 minutes walk from where you disembark.
On arrival, leave the Cable Car station in the opposite direction to the café .
Walk outside to the adjacent viewing platform with harbour views which is right next to the Cable Car building.
Look for a green line painted on the pavement nearby. Follow the green line to our hilltop locale in the red brick Dominion Observatory.

Coming by car?

Turn off at the highest point of The Terrace and drive up past the University to the top of the hill. At the top T junction, turn right to the Cable Top Eatery carpark. Walk past the Cable Car Museum until you find the green line next to the viewing platform. Follow the green line to our hill top Observatory.

Private Fittings by Appointment  

Don’t Hesitate to call!
We regularly accommodate our clients with out of hours fittings  – Tuesday-Sunday.
Just call to arrange this no charge, no obligation service.

We proudly stock Robyn Reynolds hugely popular range of  women’s trousers.

Robyn Reynolds Clothing in Wellington

Styling, Make Up and Champagne ~  Book with Us.
We offer Champagne, Make Up and Styling afternoons  from $75.00 per person in conjunction with  our partners;  Holly Chan HAMU artist, the Cable Top Eatery, Fragrifert and the Cable Car.

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