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Womens Possum Merino Knit Vest Made in New Zealand

Our tailored cashmere and merino knit vest collection sets out to re-write the dress code for women of direction and purpose. By prioritizing comfort and character,  we’ve designed a simple, chic uniform that defies uniformity by offering infinite knit vest and sweater vest combinations for busy, professional women.
“A beautiful merino or cashmere knit vest, crisp shirt, tailored pant and sharp pair of brogues –
a signature look for timeless elegance.”
Nicola Bullock  Founder  | Designer

Elevated Aspirations

Our Wellington Boutique

Elevated Aspirations

Our Wellington Boutique

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Your new vest look?

Luxury that lasts
Merino Knit Vest with checked pattern by The Vest Practice

Your new vest look?

Luxury that lasts
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“Savvy niche businesses making sustainable garments, like TVP’s knit vests are innovating fashion today for tomorrow’s generations.”

“This is a South Island collaboration with design out of Nicola’s studio in Nelson and production here in Dunedin.”

” We are delighted to offer our trousers alongside these smart knit vests – all NZ made to last several  seasons. ”

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